Who we are and what we do!

Off-Broadway Family Outreach (OBFO) is an outreach ministry that meets the needs of individuals whose needs are not being met by other entities. The mission of OBFO meets the people where they are in neighborhoods, on the streets, in gangs, etc. We take a non-judgmental, non-threatening, non-discriminatory approach getting to the person and their truest needs.

The Outreach started 21 years ago and continues today with no paid staff!  We reach out to the neighborhood and beyond the borders to feed the HUNGRY body and soul!  Three generations of people now return with “NEW VISION” to help feed the commUNITY the love of Jesus and F A M I L Y!  Stop by and help us care for God’s PORT where we strive to help people find “PURPOSE”  and JOY!  

Adriano Ferraro is our new Off-Broadway Family Outreach Pastor/Shepherd of the people who carries the “VOICE” to heal the hungry body and soul!  Join us on Sunday after church at the HUB for Outside Inside Church!

             Experience the Presence of God as Adriano leads us through each day at the Lighthouse HUB!  W 2225 Mallon

M O N D A Y – Outreach at W. 2225 Mallon.   FOOD  B A N K every Monday 2 to 4, followed by sack lunch/dinners to go (4 to 5 PM) as we look to the Spring to reopen outside dinners!