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FOOD PANTRY CHANGES –  MONDAY  2 to 4  *  Dinner to go… 4 to 5 PM

MONDAY DINNER REOPENS at the Lighthouse HUB at the West Mallon Address the first of March!  Through the cold weather and the Pandemic we will be serving sack lunch/dinners for you to carry out or to sit and stay a spell around the fire!  We will permanently serve dinner outside under shelters when the weather turns warmer!  Adriano Ferraro, Pastor of the People will open the pre-dinner hour with “SONGS and encouraging WORDS of HOPE” to help feed our hungry soul!  

W. 2225 Mallon  –  (509)998-2630  (509)688-5497

CO-FOUNDER Larry Whiston Sr., & Joe Parham alongside Pastor Danny Green of FFCC  ~  declare
V I C T O R Y in the NAME OF JESUS in God’s “HOSPITAL OF HOPE AND HEALING.”    Still Free passed away on February 22, 2021 from Covid…  His Love for each one of God’s children continues to carry God’s HOPE “For a brighter tomorrow today” as we keep the Lower Lights Burning!  

V O L U N T E E R S make a difference! “Do not be overcome with evil…OVERCOME “EVIL” WITH GOoD!”   From the streets to the HUB at W. 2225 Mallon, the Mission is the same, reach out with Truth in LOVE and “feed the HUNGRY body and soul!”    Call to volunteer!  (509)998-2630  

THANK YOU FOR BUILDING with US…  The Lights are ON because of our concert of prayers and gifts!  God bless you!

Call for Prayer!  (509)998-2630

The Miraculous I’Mpossible HANDPRINT of GOD off Reveille Island

                                  Story at: www.stillwaterscreations.net